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Sometimes we often forget great local spots that are right under our noses and Huddy Park in downtown Toms River may be just one of those locations.

A little history about the location of Huddy Park. The original fort “block house” stood on the hill on Robbins Street basically where Townsquare Towers stands today. The fort was attacked by British forces March 24, 1782. The fort and the village of Toms River we burned to the ground.

The Toms River was originally known as Goose Creek. The original name prior to 1727 when it became known at Tom’s River .... named after local Tom Luker

According to one local folktale, Tom Luker lived with his Unami Native American wife, Princess Ann, in a wigwam on the hill north of the park (near where the blockhouse would stand 75 years later and near the current Town Hall). Gradually the name of the river and the growing village on the river’s north bank both became known as Toms River.

So now you know, if you didn’t, who exactly “Tom” was and “Tom’s” River. Next time you are in downtown Toms River take a stroll through beautiful Huddy Park and learn more about the history of the village of Toms River.

You can also read about local patriotic hero Joshua Huddy, the park’s namesake.

Check out our photo gallery from a beautiful autumn day in Huddy Park.

Huddy Park


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