September is coming to a close, and students have been in school for a little less than a month. Whether it's virtual, in-person, or a hybrid model, schools in Ocean County have been doing everything they can to ensure that students are learning in a clean environment.

For some school districts, a safe COVID-free atmosphere means a day during the week dedicated to cleaning, social distancing, and wearing masks. While one school district here in Ocean County is doing all of that and so much more — they are also incorporating advanced technology into the mix to ensure that surfaces are extra sanitary.

Long story short: I was scrolling through social media the other day, and I came across a post by one of the best superintendents in Ocean County, Dr. Trian Parlapanides of Central Regional School District in Berkeley Township. Dr. Parlapanides always posts updates about what is going on at the schools, and it boy, everything is so cutting edge.

If everything else that Dr. Parlapanides has done for students at Central Regional hasn't made you believe that he is indeed an advocate for students and their safety — (which is very odd and you should start reading more about what his administration does) — this will change your mind:

(Train Parlapanides, Central Regional School District)
(Train Parlapanides, Central Regional School District)

Right out of the movie Tron, Central Regional has unveiled new state-of-the-art ultraviolet machines. These machines will add an extra layer of sanitization and cleanliness to the already stringent cleaning procedures in place at the school.

While this is a fabulous addition to the school, it just goes to show how much everything has changed. If you asked me as a freshman or sophomore (at Central Regional), that I would see cool cleaning robots roaming the halls, I would have brought you down to the nurse's office.

A massive shoutout to the staff and teachers across New Jersey and Central Regional School District, for taking on huge tasks, including robot sanitization measures.

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