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So you may have heard the term “Feng shui” ? It deals with architecture and placement of items (furniture) in certain ways to best suite the owners. Well maybe you have needed to adjust your “Feng shui” during COVID.

Case in point my Mom and April have gotten a bit “antsy”  during their time at home during COVID and have done a few rearranging projects already. In fact it seems like every time I visit my Mom the place looks different, she changes her rooms around once a week! She even has me move furniture when I visit lol.

April has had several projects also, including hanging shelves and moving various pieces of furniture.

Now don’t get me wrong, for the most part their rearranging is for the better and look good. My question is ...... is it a bit of boredom staying home and socially distancing during COVID or did they both miss their calling as interior decorators?

One thing I do know is next time I visit Mom I will have to watch where I sit so I don’t assume and miss a chair lol

Have YOU moved things around in your home or office recently? Let us know what you did and how many times it took you to get it right .... “Feng shui”

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