Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday which celebrates the victory of the Maccabees over the larger Assyrian army. It also celebrates a miracle that happened during this time, where just a day's supply of oil allowed the menorah in the rededicated Temple in Jerusalem to remain lit for eight days. Therefore, Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah for eight days ~ Wikipedia


Hannukah begins tonight, December 2nd at sundown. We wish you a very joyous holiday season and hope that you enjoy the Festival of Lights.

Here's a guide to Hanukkah foods for the holiday from a recent "Independent" article:

  • Gelt: Chocolate Coins
  • Latkes: Potato Pancakes
  • Sufganiyot: Jelly Donuts

What are YOUR favorite Hanukkah foods?

I think I'd like to have all three!


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