The subject of two investigations within a five-hour stretch Friday morning, a Lanoka Harbor man is arrested by Lacey Police at Baywick Plaza in Bayville.

Thomas Laffey, 30, of Lanoka Harbor is only facing charges for a burglary he allegedly committed at a house on Ranger Drive in Forked River just before 9 am.

It was a pair of eyes from across the lagoon on Roanoke Drive that resulted in a call to police in Lacey Township.

The woman told police she saw a man bust open a glass door and then walk right in.

Her son gave police a description of the car the suspect used to drive off in.

Meanwhile the homeowner who was informed of the activity that had gone on while he was away, told police some jewelry had been stolen.

Lacey Police had enough to go on to identify Laffey as a possible suspect.

Laffey was let go by police on Sinclair Avenue in Lanoka Harbor around 7 am Friday morning when someone called them to report a suspicious person (Laffey) who was found sleeping in his car.

Berkeley Township Police were the ones who spotted Laffey around 12-noon Friday and phoned Lacey PD who made the collar a short time later after they found all the missing jewelry taken from the Ranger Drive home.

Laffey is charged with burglary, theft and criminal mischief and was sitting in the Ocean County Correctional Facility awaiting a bail hearing.

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