With Labor Day behind us, apple picking season upon us, and Halloween not far behind, a lot of people will be looking to the trees as fall foliage season arrives soon.

But, some experts are saying, "not so fast", predicting that peak color season will be somewhat delayed this year.

The popular interactive Fall Foliage Prediction Map from Smokymountains.com calls for only "Minimal" to "Patchy" color for the Garden State through the end of September, with "Peak" color arriving after the middle of October.

Experts at The Weather Channel say that fall color will takeover more slowly this year, "particularly in the central and eastern U.S."

They say that it's, "because the eastern half of the nation is predicted to have above-average temperatures in mid- to late September", with milder than usual days and nights delaying the color burst.

You can check out the interactive Fall Foliage Prediction Map from Smokeymountains.com by clicking here.

You can read more about The Weather Channel's fall foliage prediction for 2019 by clicking here.


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