It's not like ladybugs are rare or anything like that, but it has definitely caught my attention that there have been a lot of them around recently.

When I got to work this morning there weren't just one or two hanging out on the side of the building, but at least a dozen were spread out across the wall.

Photo by Justin Louis
Photo by Justin Louis

So, what's the deal with the sudden beetle boom?

It's simple, really, they're just trying to stay warm as the outdoor temperatures start to slip this fall.

According to the Farmers' Almanac, every autumn, the colorful critters congregate because they're simply trying to find the best spot to get some sun.

But, why do so many gather in one place?

According to The Ladybug Lady (yes, there's a Ladybug Lady. Thank you, Internet!), they like light colored places and they release pheromones once they find a cozy spot which attracts more ladybugs.

The good thing is that they're harmless, in fact some even say that they're good luck.

Have you noticed a bunch of buggers where you are? Feel free to share your photos on our Facebook page!


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