The new "Dark Knight Rises"  opens in theatres this weekend , are you excited  ?

The third part of the "Dark Knight" series opens nationally tonight at midnight....are you one of those folks who might even head out in the middle of the night to see the latest Batman movie ?

Ive loved the first two segments of this latest take on DC Comics "Batman" and I'm looking foward to the third. This latest series has brought a much more dramatic take on "Batman" then others in the past and it holds up as good work...even if your not a fan of comics etc.

I do think you need to see parts one and two in order to follow and get familiar with the characters. This edition introduces "Batman" characters "Bane" and "Catwoman" ..... I'm still not sure I like the idea of "Catwoman" for this edition , but we will see how it plays out. Do you wanna see "Batman" in love again ? hmmmmm

So are you ready for the Dark Knight this weekend ? Might you take in tonights Midnight showing ?


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