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It's that time of year, area gardens are beginning to bloom. Many of our 92.7 WOBM listeners have gardens at home and many produce a lot of fantastic veggies for their families right at home.


My Wife has had her garden for several years and she has really produced a lot of veggies, and now some fruit, over the years and her plants are really beginning to take off now.

While I was out walking through her garden she pointed out all the flowering that's happening .... as you know you can't get the veggies unless you first get those flowers. I am not an expert but possibly some don't need to flower? I could be wrong. I do think all veggies do flower, but we just don't always notice.

I decided to take a walk through her garden this weekend and take some photos of the various plants to show you at home. I also added a few "flowers" she has going as well to add some color....don't eat these lol



For some bonus "color" I also added a few flowers April has going this year, in addition to the usual marigolds.... which help with pests.



Hope you enjoyed this backyard tour and what is growing in your gardens at home this summer? I can't wait til it's time to eat! Everything fresh grown always tastes better straight from the garden to table.

Two new additions to our garden are the mini pumpkins and sunflowers! Excited to see both.

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