Is Your Garden Growing?
It is that time of year, garden season. Many of you may have a home garden and love each spring to start over again and bring those home gardens to life. Whether is flowers or veggies or both, people are passionate about their gardens! Maybe you have a backyard garden or plants in your homes.....spr…
Tips to Keep Chipmunks Out of Your Garden
Yes they are very cute and yes they are very small and defenseless, but Chip & Dale along with their cousins Alvin, Simon and Theodore are a handful around the house, especially if you have a backyard garden. Or as they like to call it a “food forest”.
Yea Baby! FREE Gardening Kits
It is that time of season and anyone with even one green thumb is thinking “gardening”. Great hobby, productive, safe outdoor activity, healthy etc. My wife April has extended our garden this year and it will be bigger than ever.
A Look at the Michaels’ Garden
We are in the prime gardening season here at the Jersey Shore, with so many backyard gardens producing wonderful fruits and veggies. This year my wife, April, has her garden in full bloom!

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