It was a fun, very cold, day at the Maple Syrup Festival at Duke Farms in Hillsborough, Somerset County. It was our first trip to Duke Farms, which is a neat place to visit to see maple syrup making, try out their delicious cafe or hike through their wonderful park.

We started our "empty nest adventure" in class! It began with a very informative class on maple syrup production. Touching on technique, history, and various types. We saw all kinds of syrups from the light to the very dark. We even sampled "pure" maple syrup as compared to "mass produced" syrup. Yes, the "pure" was better!

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

We took a tour of their boiling areas both outdoors and in their "sugar shack" to see how raw sap is refined into syrup. We also went on a nature hike to see where the actual maple trees are and see the sap being collected.

Duke Farms does not mass produce maple syrup, rather they do so as more of a hobby and to keep the "art" of making maple syrup alive here in New Jersey.

We highly recommend a trip to Somerset County to see the operation and grounds first hand. Take a look at video from our adventure:



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