I like to look at the bright side so here's a positive blog post during this Arctic Blast.

First, I want to let you know that it's -25 degrees today in Fairbanks Alaska.  My friend wrote me from there this morning and she's surviving just fine.  So let's use that as motivation and confidence that we'll be able to survive this brutal cold snap, even though it's so cold it actually hurts!

Second, I want to share some good tips for staying warm when you have to be outside.  My friend can vouch for the fact that layering is important.


See the image from the National Weather Service for tips on how to dress appropriately for the various degrees of cold weather.

The big lesson that I learned during my winter trip to Iceland is that dry feet make all the difference.  I'm so grateful I invested in a pair of good boots so I didn't have that double whammy of cold wet feet while trekking through snow and slush.

And as shown in the infographic, covering up as much of the flesh as possible will help keep you warm on a day like today.  Those face masks or balaclavas as they're called may not be pretty but they work wonders!

I also find those little warming packets for your hands and feet are helpful.

What's your best recommendation for what to wear in the cold?



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