National Weather Service

Dressing for Cold Weather
The big lesson that I learned during my winter trip to Iceland is that dry feet make all the difference. I'm so grateful I invested in a pair of good boots so I didn't have that double whammy of cold wet feet while trekking through snow and slush.

And as shown in the infographic, coverin…
Walking The Line Between Preparation And Panic
There is one thing that we can absolutely tell you for sure - it is going to rain over the next few days. Anything that you're hearing outside of that, mostly thanks to social media, is anything from best guess forecasts to pure speculation.
Winter Storm Names Annoy The National Weather Service
The National Weather Service has been assigning names to major hurricanes for over 60 years. On the heels of this week's snow, that some referred to as "Juno", you might think that they've started to apply the same practice to winter storms as well. But that's not th…
National Weather Service Posts Flash Flood Advisory
Commuters are being urged to use caution during their commute home tonight.
Dlooding is being reported along the Route 9 corridor that runs from Toms River to Howell Township as heavy rains continue to come down. The National Weather Service in Mount Holly has issued a Flash Flood Warning for Norther…

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