If there's one thing I've learned from writing daily articles here at WOBM.com, it's that I feel like I go on rants a lot. This morning I was inspired to go on yet another, thanks to an inconsiderate neighbor and his or her dog.

There are a lot of things that can be considered inconsiderate; not holding the door for someone, cutting someone off in traffic, skipping in front of someone in line, etc. But I think that the pinnacle has to be not picking up after your dog.

All of us who are dog owners know how it goes...and look, nobody ever said it would be fun to have to pick up after Fido (or Sydney, in my case), but that's just one of the little things you have to deal with when you make the decision to get a dog. It's just like cat owners and cleaning out litter boxes (a debate that my mother and I have had time and time again...maybe a poll question for another day).

If you're lucky enough to have a fenced in back yard and you can just let your pup out the back door to do his or her business and come back in, that's all on you...if you happen to step in something unpleasant, you can't blame anyone but yourself. But if you don't have a private yard and you have to walk your dog on public property, all it takes is two seconds and a re-purposed grocery bag (hey, recycling!).

The part that really toasts my muffins is the fact that there are signs like the one above all over my development, yet there are still people who can't be bothered. I've even seen messes left at the Brick Reservoir, one of my favorite places to walk my dog, and they have stands with doggy cleanup bags all around the property!

So how do you feel about people who are lazy about being on doggy duty? If you see someone not pick up after their dog, would you call them out on it or not say anything? Feel free to leave a comment below and join in on the discussion!