I'm writing this on July 30th, 2019.

Back to school displays and commercials have been out for a few weeks now.

I know that colleges get back to business in less than a month, but yeah, personally I think that the middle of July is a little early to remind kids that summer break isn't truly endless.

But Halloween candy in July?

This photo was taken today at a grocery store that will remain nameless:

A grocery store Halloween display spotted on July 30th (Photo by Ricardo Blanco)

It's still the middle of summer!

It's 90 degrees right now, which is actually kind of fitting considering that Halloween is 93 days away from the time of this writing.

That's a whole fiscal quarter.

I don't know who is stocking up on fun sized chocolate bars with bats and witches on them right now, but you might want to avoid those houses when trick or treat time rolls around because let's be honest, they're going to be giving out the stale stuff!

I also know that the second I hit "publish" on this article, someone is going to comment that Christmas displays have already gone up somewhere. It never fails.



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