Is It Time For A Kindness Revolution?
As I was grabbing my lunch from the office refrigerator, a coworker was sitting in the kitchen by herself watching an all-news channel on TV, and she said something that I think is brilliant - she said that we need "a kindness revolution".
Do You Hold Doors For People?
As I was walking in to a local convenience store just a few minutes ago, a man was walking in only a few steps in front of me. Rather than looking over his shoulder to see if anyone was behind him, he let the door close right in my face.
Cigarette Butts Are Litter Too [Opinion]
Fair warning - I'm going to vent about a topic that not everybody is going to agree with. I would have to guess that at least once a day I see someone throw a cigarette butt on the ground or out of their car window. Sorry if you disagree, but it's litter, plain and simple.
Euphemisms – Do You Use Them? [Poll]
"Passed away", "no longer with us", "deceased" - they're all different ways that we use to say that someone has died. They're euphemisms that we use to soften the term a bit. But is this a good thing or a bad thing?

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