Fair warning - I'm about to go on one of my signature rants.

My neighborhood has a poop problem, and I'm not happy about it.

I've been a dog owner for many years, and I like to think that I'm a responsible and considerate dog owner.

I always carry plastic bags with me when walking my dog. If happen to be without a bag when he does his business, I'll either get a bag and go back, or do my best to move it out of the way (yes, it's gross, but sticks come in handy at times like this).

But one thing that I strive not to do, and in fact take pride in not doing, is leaving my dog's waste where other people will be walking.

Sadly, not every dog owner has the same principles of common courtesy. A look at the bottom of my shoe this morning is perfect evidence of that.

It's particularly difficult for me to dodge rogue piles when I walk my dog after work. My neighborhood gets pretty dark at night which makes it pretty much only a matter of time before I encounter another squishy surprise.

I really do think that this is close to the pinnacle of being inconsiderate (although, this is coming from a guy who once complained about vegetable placement on a sub).

Does your neighborhood have a poop problem? Are you a responsible pet owner who always cleans up after your dog? Feel free to join in on the comments section below!


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