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So we found out on Monday that Governor Murphy  will continue the ban on "indoor" dining at New Jersey restaurants....reversing an earlier decision to allow "indoor" dining with restrictions.

First let me say that I do not own a restaurant or have a vested interest in any establishments, but I find this ruling a bit of a head scratcher? I hear that some establishments are not practicing safety rules, but we didn't even start....how can they be "unsafe" if we didn't even open for "indoor" dining? If there are some that are not complying with "outdoor" dining then they should be penalized, not just shut down ALL.

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We have many business re-opened with MANY more visiting then would be allowed at area restaurants, so how do you say it's ok for a group of hundreds to be indoors, while 25 is a risk?

Restaurants were implementing reduced capacity, social distancing of patrons and sanitizing their establishments.... not to mention the prep for the upcoming weekend and dollars spent to be ready.

We all want to be safe, but if residents want to dine out it should be their choice...just like when thousands go shopping on a daily basis. It's up to each individual to do the right thing and be responsible. I also believe the majority of restaurant owners would want to comply to restrictions....why wouldn't they? The risk of being shutdown is a tough penalty to pay for not complying.

Also it's up to the consumer, if you feel comfortable dining "indoors" then go and if you do not ....don't. It's a pretty simple choice.


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