Growing up .... memories of your clubhouse or treehouse! Did you ave one too ?

Growng up here in Ocean County brings back memories of our neighborhood and the kids building a treehouse...although our attempts never came out like those pictured here in my blog lol We tried but it usually resulted in a few 2x4 ladder steps and a floor lol which wasnt all that sturdy!

This all changed one day when my Grandmother bough us a "Fort" from Toys R' Us in TomsRiver ! It was a square fort with a fence around it and a tower you climbed up into and had a little area under to sleep, hide, or get out of the rain! It was red and we loved it until a pack of girls in he neighborhood decided to raid the "All Boys" Club! Needless to say we fought a good fight but like the Alamo we were eventually over-run by the hooligan girls and well soon there were Barbies everywhere! lol

The worst clubhouse ever was a hole a neighbor dug and covered with a piece of plywood ! It was the worst ! Dark & Wet & Hot !

Did you have a fort, treehouse, or clubhouse growing up ?
Do your kids or grandkids have one ?

By the way Erin ( Daughter ) just built her cousin "Hope" a clubhouse out of cardboard boxes and she did a great job! Complete with peek'd roof, door and windows! Maybe she has a future in architecture!