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Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

The 15 days to stop the spread is about up and where do we stand today here in Ocean County? The DRIVE THRU test site at Ocean County College in Toms River will be open Monday (by appointment) and we are expecting positive tests to go up in Ocean County as more will be tested in Toms River. This is expected and we shouldn't get alarmed.

On a positive note, there are still several towns in Ocean County that do NOT have a single case of coronavirus. This must be due to residents practicing safe "social distancing". Even though the 15 days may be ending we MUST  continue practicing good hygiene and social distancing...it works and it will be the way to an end.

We try to continue to support our local businesses here in Ocean County and remember to shop local when we need supplies. We must keep our local businesses strong and help them get through this crisis.

So how are YOU doing at home? Are you getting "cabin fever"? To be honest April and I are doing fine and getting things done around the house and taking part in hobbies and movies etc. Oh, and yes, eating! We will all need a good summer diet after this is all over.

One of our most difficult times during this crisis is having our kids so far away. Both Zach and Erin live in California and it's tough not being near them and seeing news from the west coast. We do talk to them every day so that's a way to feel close. We are definitely going to need a trip west when this is over. I hope you listeners at home are able to be in touch with your loved ones also.

For those with loved ones who are sick or who may have died we send our thoughts and prayers out to you and hope you stay strong during this horrific moment in history.


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