As you saw in the story posted by David Matthau, taking breaks during the work day helps us be more productive on the job.  While many people just run to the restroom, check Facebook, refill their drink and head back to the desk, some use their break time differently.

I have friends who take their yarn and knitting needles to the office so they can make progress on whatever scarf or sweater they're creating.  I know others who will jog around the building or do some yoga during a 10 minute break.  Others love to do Sudoku or crossword puzzles.

Just like the weekends give us time to recharge our batteries so we can be productive during the work week, I think that short midday work breaks can be helpful and healthy.   If you missed the blog post about the study that underscores the benefits of mid morning breaks, here's a link

What's your favorite way to take a break during the work day?  Do you do a hobby or activity or just chill out for a few minutes?