When a new 90% silver dime was introduced in 1916, the public mistook the obverse design for a representation of the male god Mercury, messenger to the Roman gods. The name "Mercury Dime" took, although the coin actually depicts Liberty wearing a winged cap to signify freedom of thought. The Red Book Guide to U.S. Coins lists the series as the Winged Liberty Head or "Mercury" dime. With either name, the coin is beautiful, artistic, and in great demand among collectors ~ Littleton Coin Company


So this past weekend as we dug out from the blizzard I, like many in our audience, found myself digging for quarters to take the car over to the car wash to get some ice and salt off the car. I have a "change" container and I'll throw my loose coins into it each day. While looking for my quarters I came across an odd coin and after a little research I discovered it is a coin 101 years old! A U.S. dime from 1917! It's not in good condition so it's not worth anything, however being over 100 years old is very cool ..... dating back to World War One! I wonder all the travels this coin has seen over the years......


Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


So what antiques have you discovered by surprise in your travels?



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