Spotting a snowy owl is rare in New Jersey. Snowy Owls spend most of their lives in the Arctic and rarely fly this far south.


I have been hearing and seeing a lot about the elusive "snowy owl" and how a few have decided to pay the Jersey Shore a visit .... so I decided to head out and see if I could find one myself. I received several tips that Island Beach State Park was the place to go and after several hours and nearly 5 miles on foot I finally was given a tip that there may be one at beach 23 at Island Beach. The tip turned out to be correct and I found this beautiful bird! It was like a photographers pilgrimage once word got around and dozens of birding enthusiasts, with their cameras, descended on the area. What a beautiful bird and for me .... Christmas came early! Thanks to the couple from Toms River who gave me a ride and saved me a few extra miles on foot, much appreciated. This day made for a perfect "December" Shutterblog.

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

As always when going to Island Beach State Park, respect the wildlife, the dunes and others enjoying the nature.

Check out my photos from this adventure and share your "snowy" pics if you've spotted the Owls too.



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