Take a look at "Scenes From Life" a collection of photos from around the World, the United States and the beautiful Jersey Shore

It's been a hobby of mine since high school and it's something I enjoy doing .... photography. There is something extremely relaxing about going out for a "photo-shoot" and enjoying a walk and finding interesting subjects to photograph. The very first photo I did from start to finish was a seashore "landscape" photo on Long Beach Island. I remember taking to photo with one of my parents cameras and after taking it to the drug store to be developed, yes 35 mm film, it came back and it wasn't half bad, it made me interested in doing more. The photo was part of a high school assignment. Once I got to college I was given a work study job running the darkroom on campus. If you don't know a "darkroom" is where we used to develop 35 mm film. Today we are in the age of digital photography and it made the darkroom, film, and 35 mm cameras all obsolete. I enjoyed working in the darkroom and was definitely an experience, but I must admit I love the immediacy of digital and the ability to everything right from the family room at home.  Over the years I've enjoy compiling a library of photos ranging from landscape, people, animals and life.

My latest book is "Scenes From Life: A Photography Sketchbook"  a collection of photos I have taken and produced myself. I decided not to write in this book, it's just photos and you the reader can make up your own stories and/or critics. I hope you and enjoy and it's an escape for a bit, through the lens of my camera. I love all the photos, but I'm partial ... maybe you'll find one you love best.  Please leave any comments you have.

I think it's important everyone has a hobby, a way to escape the daily grind and work on projects that make you feel accomplished. I don't think there a right or wrong hobby, just what you love to do because after all it is "your" hobby.

One of the blogs I do for wobm.com is my "shutterblog" which is a monthly photography blog. I included a video of this months photos to go along with my book. Check out the video below and see my selections for this October.


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