Shawn Michaels

One of the things I take pride in during my 30 plus years doing morning radio is my support and appreciation for the men and women of our local, county and state police. This time I'm focusing on the Toms River Township Police, Marine Unit. I was granted a request with Chief Mitch Little to take a "ride along" with TRPD, but not in a car on land, on one of their boats offshore.

It's summer and of course, there can be a lot of activity on the waters in Toms River. There are also a lot of homes situated along lagoons. The Toms River Police patrol waters and I joined Officer Tom Herbst and Officer Graham Borg as we took a look at their job keeping our waterways safe.

Shawn Michaels

In our video with the TRPD you will see how they patrol the Toms River and local neighborhood lagoons. Be safe on the waters and if you have a problem, dial 911 for the most efficient "marine" services that are available to you. Safety first and obey the maritime laws and everyone can enjoy our waters in Ocean County.

Thank you to the Toms River Police for allowing us to get a look at this important service and continued support to all our men and women in law enforcement here in Ocean County and around the State..... THANK YOU

Check out Shawn Michaels on the waters with Toms River Township Police, Marine Unit: