It's that time of year once again here at the Jersey Shore. We're talking about turtle season and we hope you "brake" for our slow-moving shelled friends.

If you live in Ocean or Monmouth Counties you probably have seen "turtle crossing" signs. Residents have posted these reminders throughout the Jersey Shore to help spare the terrapins from being hit by motorists as they make their way to lay eggs this Summer.

We are currently in a very active season and will run through August. My wife and I usually spot turtles on the move while we hike. So be on the lookout and give the turtles a brake!

I was out last weekend and I saw many many turtles trying to cross area roadways, most I have seen all summer so far. So if you are not already doing so, keep an eye out and give the turtles a "brake" this summer and keep them safe. It would be a shame to see our turtle population shrink and one way to maintain their habitat here at the Jersey Shore it to avoid hitting them.

It's probably a good practice during our busy summer months to slow down on area roadways anyway, so this will keep everyone safe. Lots of kids out playing this time of year so a "slow down" helps everyone.


Check out some of Shawn's neighborhood terrapins in the video below ....


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