Two Brooklyn men accused of trying to move fake $100 bills in a Brick Township supermarket are collared nearby in a matter of minutes, and after a wild chase.

Alfonso Forney, 37, and Bryan Hyman, 26, are being held in the Ocean County Jail in Toms River in connection with the April 12 incident in the Shop Rite at the Kohl's Plaza.

Forney is the subject of a National Crime Information Center warrant issued in Maryland, charged with possessing forged currency, investigators said.

Police related that members of the township's Selective Enforcement Team (SET) spotted the pair beating a hasty retreat from the store while they were answering an unrelated call at a nearby Payless shoe store.

Police said they dove into a black Honda, sped through the lot, entered the adjoining McDonald's lot, and used the in-only driveway to drive out to Chambersbridge Road.

Stopped by Sergeant Paul Catalina in the Brick Plaza Shopping Center, Forney identified himself as Michael Crowder, police said.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Erik Olsen was told by Shop Rite workers that two men tried to buy gift carts at two separate registers, using bogus hundreds.

The pair held counterfeit bills amounting to $1,400, and several gift cards believed to have been bought with bad money.

Forney is charged with forgery, hindering apprehension, and five driving violations, with bail set at $30,000, and no option for release on payment of 10 percent. Hyman is charged with forgery, and his bail is set at $1,400.