A Brick Township man is facing animal cruelty charges for allegedly leaving his dog out on the second floor fire escape of a Northrup Drive residence for several hours on Sunday when highs reached 99-degrees in parts of Ocean County. The dog later died.

Residents in the area called Brick Police around 5:48 pm on Sunday about the dog who appeared ill.

Officer John Scott arrived on the scene where residents were assisting a dog who had been left out on the second floor fire escape of the residence.

The dog's owner/resident couldn't be found at that time.

The dog, believed to possibly be a Cane Corso type was unconscious and in severe distress.

K-9 Officers Sgt. Paul Catalina and Officer Keith Prendeville then arrived and quickly accessed the dog's condition and with the assistance of neighbors tried to cool the dog with water.

The dog was then lowered down to the ground in its cage and wrapped in a wet towel.

Officer Prendeville then carried the dog to Scott's patrol vehicle and transported her to the Jersey Shore Veterinary Hospital on Route 70 in Lakewood.

The dog was then evaluated and treated throughout the night for life threatening injuries.

Tragically the dog's condition deteriorated and she succumbed to her injuries early Tuesday morning.

Here's what the weather conditions were like on Sunday per Townsquare Media Meteorologist Dan Zarrow:

The investigation pressed on and the dog's owner, Jonathan Correa was charged with failing to provide necessary care to an animal / living creature, Exposing an animal to adverse weather conditions, and failing to provide a shelter of the proper size and failing to obtain a dog license.

He was processed at headquarters and released on a summons.

The investigation is being conducted by Officer Jay Lampiasi and Officer Keith Donnelly of the Brick Township Police Humane Law enforcement Division in cooperation with the Ocean County Prosecutors Office.

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