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Jersey Shore Congressman seeks answers in death of Neptune Grad
Jersey Shore Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ), the Congressman for the family of Braden Bradforth, says that he intends to fight for full transparency and accountability for Braeden’s family after Garden City Community College , the Kansas college where Bradforth died last year, "stonewall…
Summer heatwave survival guide
We're in the midst of yet another heatwave in New Jersey, but it's also the dog days of summer so more of these hot and humid days are on the horizon. We have some tips on how to keep cool.
Ways to Beat the Heat at the Jersey Shore
We are in the midst of another "heat wave" here at the Jersey Shore and I decided to give some tips , some you probably already know .... but never bad to refresh your memory and be safe. As always during extreme summer heat be sure to check on the young and elderly.