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It is going to be a chilly Saturday night for Halloween and this year trick or treaters will be out under the "blue moon". This Halloween we are having our second "full moon" for the month or otherwise known as a "blue moon". First "full moon" on Halloween since 1944 ! According to NASA the next full moon on Halloween isn’t expected to happen until 2039.

The second full moon in October happens on the 31st, the "Blue Moon", will happen on Halloween! Could this be the "Great Pumpkin" that Linus has been looking for? When you have two full moons' in one month, the second is called a "Blue Moon". Happening on Halloween...that's spooky!

Not only will you have clear skies for a good view of this spooky moon, but bundle up because it's going to be cold! Temps Halloween night will dip into the low 40's with some areas north and west possibly dipping into the upper 30's. Good year to be a werewolf ... lots of fur, get it?

I will not be trick or treating Halloween night, but I will get my camera out for a few shots of the "blue moon" and I'll share them this weekend with you. Share your moon pics too if you grab any Halloween night.

Our next full moon will be the "beaver moon" which occurs on Monday, November 30th

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