Shawn Michaels


So recently I saw a commercial where an older couple is caught at a "romantic" spot by police ... in the middle of a kiss. Funny situation because the officer was about to have the kids head home, when he discovers it's adults and because they are not doing anything wrong and are of age ...leaves them be.


So I started to think .... where are the best "romantic" spots here at the Jersey Shore? Maybe you've considered going there for a kiss or maybe you have ... we'd love to hear where you think is the BEST spots for that romantic moment, here at the Jersey Shore. Of course keeping it legal! lol We will discuss this on Monday's show!


Lets throw a few ideas out there.


  • Beach - Living here at the shore we must throw our beachfront property out there. Whether on the beach or parked in view ....Can you name your favorite "beachie"  spot?
  • Lakeside - Lotta lake areas can make for a very romantic spot ... any lakes here at the Shore catch your eye?
  • Atop Barnegat Light ? Overlooking the Ocean from high above?
  • On the Ferris Wheel at Six Flags ... Overlooking the pinelands.
  • An area boardwalk ?
  • Local Movie Theatre ?
  • Walmart parking lot ( Sue's Choice .... Not Mine, You can't make this stuff up lol )


Lets put our heads together and come up with "Jersey Shore " romantic locations ... Just in time for the warmer weather!


Shawn Michaels


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