What makes a small town most walkable?

According to onlyinyourstate, this town is the most walkable town in America and it's right here in New Jersey. This small town is close by, the streets are lined with shops and delicious restaurants and bars, and there's always something happening in the streets of this little Monmouth County New Jersey Town.

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I had no idea that not even 15,000 people live here, but thousands and thousands of people walk through this little town throughout the year.

What town in New Jersey is one of the most walkable small towns in America?

It is Red Bank, NJ. A small Monmouth County, Jersey Shore town. I was mentioning the restaurants, they have amazing restaurants and a lot of them. It is one of New Jersey's biggest dining-out towns with well over 100 restaurants. From sweets to sushi your pallet will love Red Bank, NJ.

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What makes this little town so cute is, pretty much everything can be accessible by walking. Count Basie Theater is also a special treat to check out a show. It's a beautiful theater.

If you've never been to Red Bank at Christmastime, you are missing something special. The town looks spectacular, right out of a storybook. If you're lucky enough to catch the horse and buggy ride, you'll really be lucky.

My favorite time of the year to visit Red Bank is spring. The live music out on the streets and in the little bars, it's the best. Sit on a bench and just enjoy the music. I love it, it's the best time in Red Bank.

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