Let's be frank here, the summer is the best time of year here at the Jersey Shore.

I know in the past I wrote about why summer at the Jersey Shore is actually the worst.

I seemed to have riled a few people up on Facebook, so let me go on the record here and say I love summer.

Summer is my favorite holiday and I wrote that previous article as a joke and to mess with people on Facebook...it worked...

Today, the day of writing this, it's relatively cool. Well, cool compared to the heatwave we just experienced.

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To me, 75° is far too cool for summer. I'm a beach girl and 75° on the mainland means it's not warm enough on the beach.

I decided to take to Facebook and ask you what your preferred summertime temperature was.

I was shocked by the responses.

What is the perfect summer temperature in New Jersey?

I took all of your responses and found the average temperature. If someone put a temperature range, I just took the median.

The most common response was "today" or 75°.

This made me sad. This is not lying on the beach, take a dip in the pool kind of weather.

The average temperature was 77.7°, again not warm enough for me.

The most common responses in order from most to least:

  1. 75°
  2. 80°
  3. 70°
  4. 90°

I did like one comment from Anthony, "We get 2-3 months of summer here and everyone is happy with 70s? Sick."

Agreed Anthony, I full-heartedly agree.

Personally, it's the high 80s or low 90s for me. I want beach weather.

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