Last Minute Valentines!
It's Valentine's Day! You don't have your gift, don't panic ... it's NOT too late!
Here's some ideas courtesy of a National Survey from NationalToday.Com and not all will cost a lot!
TOP 5 Most Popular Valentine's Day "Dates"

Dinner and a Movie (22%)
A Beautiful Walk Outdoors (18%)
Fancy Dinne…
Best Romantic Spot at Shore?
So recently I saw a commercial where an older couple is caught at a "romantic" spot by police ... in the middle of a kiss. Funny situation because the officer was about to have the kids head home, when he discovers it's adults and because they are not doing anything wrong and …
Have You Ever Been Ghosted?
No, this isn't an Ocean County Paranormal article, although this phenomenon could leave you with the same feeling in your gut as when you see an apparition. We're talking about dating.

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