BERKELEY TOWNSHIP – Detectives were awarded with the high honor yesterday by the New Jersey Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association. A picture of the "Unit Award" along with a lengthy caption was posted on the Berkeley Township Police Department's Facebook page.

The caption mentions the hard work and dedication of the detectives of the Berkeley Township Police Department and attributes major drug seizures and arrests throughout the township this year.

According to the post, Berkeley Detective Sergeant Peter La Rocca, Detective Micheal Riccardelli, Detective William Somers, Detective Jay Mroczka, Detective Micheal O’Connor and Detecive Michael Tier where present to receive the award.

The award reads:

"From The New Jersey Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association

Whereas, The New Jersey Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association, hereafter known as the Association is comprised of 2000 members, including persons involved in federal, state, county and municipal law enforcement, as well as educators, doctors, probation officers, attorneys, pharmacists,and persons from the private industry; and

Whereas, many of the members of the Association are engaged in drug enforcement, which includes the investigation, apprehension, and prosecution of persons engaged in unlawful distribution, possession, and the use of controlled dangerous substances; and

Whereas, in the course of sworn duties, this Law Enforcement Unit exhibited a high degree of professionalism and integrity, and dedication above and beyond the call of duty, earning the respect of the Association and all of the people of New Jersey; and

Now, Therefore, Be it Resolved that the BERKELEY TOWNSHIP POLICE DEPARTMENT DETECTIVE BUREAU is presented with the Law Enforcement Certificate of Appreciation from the New Jersey Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association as a record of their accomplishments in drug enforcement."

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