We've been having a pretty epic run of hot and humid days. And what can be more refreshing on a muggy 90 degree day than an ice cold cup of lemonade?

Well, apparently if you're in some areas of Ocean County, setting up a lemonade stand is a good way to get a quick childhood lesson in code enforcement.

This past weekend, I was leaving my neighborhood to go run some errands when I spotted an enterprising group of pre-teens setting up chairs and a table, with a cooler and hand made signs in tow.

I decided that when I got back from my errands, I'd give the tots some business and throw a few bucks their way for their effort.

When I came back less than half an hour later though, it was like they were never there.

I asked one of my neighbors what had happened to the kids setting up the lemonade stand, and she told me that they were chased away by a representative of the condo association.

Let's dig into this a little deeper for a moment - I understand that lemonade served by 9-year-olds isn't strictly monitored, inspected by the health department, or giving the tax man his cut.

But, they're kids for crying out loud.

My neighborhood has much bigger problems than a few eager future entrepreneurs.

From residents cooking up dangerously large summer bonfires, to the dog owners who couldn't care less, you'd think that a neighborhood watch would have much more serious concerns than some maverick lemonade salespeople.

It's a sad look at some of today's society's priorities. By all means, don't fine the people who let their dogs' business lie where it was dropped, but whatever you do, don't let those kids get away with, gasp, selling lemonade in the summer!


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