I haven't seen any work on the new tire place in the Bayville ShopRite Plaza in a while. Just wondering what's going on?

Rumors are swirling that it's going to be Mavis Discount Tire. I just checked out mavistire.com and I don't see anything about Bayille or a Grand Opening happening soon. There are several Mavis Discount Tire in Ocean County, from Barnegat to Brick.

The Berkeley Shopping Plaza is located on Rt. 9 in Bayville. ShopRite, Schiano's Pizza, Atlantic City Jewelers, and more are in the shopping plaza.

Here's the update that so many of you let me know about. You told me there was a car repair place coming there and it would've totally made sense because the back wall was taken down, it's back up now. Still a tire place and I believe oil change coming to the ShopRite Plaza?

Here's the new question, the back of the building is redone and closed up. I thought originally a car could drive through the building because they were keeping the back open, guess not?

The Family Dollar used to be there and an open store on the end of the plaza. It used to be a Movie Theater. Do you remember? A little history about the theater, it was called the Berkeley Cinema, owned by the Music Makers chain, which opened in the 1970's. In the mid 80's it was taken over by Loews and named Friendly Cinema. The theater closed in 1986, according to cinematreasures.com.

I'd love to update everyone on what's going on. I just haven't seen a lot of action on the building.

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