UPDATE - Upper Deerfield Township clarifies the story that was originally reported by News 12. Click here for their statement and the full update.

Original story follows:
It can seem a little tacky when high school aged teenagers prowl neighborhoods with pillow cases and simple plastic masks on Halloween, but one New Jersey township has gone from simply discouraging older kids from trick or treating to putting a law on the books against it.

News 12 is reporting that Upper Deerfield Township (Cumberland County) has an ordinance on the books making it a misdemeanor if you're trick or treating beyond 12 years old.

While trick or treating has traditionally been a fun way for younger kids to show off their costumes and feed their sweet teeth, I think that having an actual law on the books may be a little overkill.

Although if your teen gets a ticket in Upper Deerfield just be glad that they didn't get caught doing the same thing in Chesapeake, Virginia. The same story notes that trick or treaters over 13 can be sent to jail for up to 6 months there!

What do you think? Should there be official laws against older kids going door to door for candy, or is that overkill? Stop by our Facebook page and join the conversation!


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