We're only 3 weeks away from Halloween, and while everyone loves a good scare this time of year from ghosts and goblins, it may also be a good time to ask questions about another unexplained phenomena - UFOs.

Specifically, why are there so many UFO sightings in Ocean County?

Of course we're home to Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, and it's not uncommon to see enormous C-17 Globemasters flying low and slow overhead which can look otherworldly, especially when they're flying "lights out".

But while military aircraft, especially the more unusual things taking flight above us would make for simple explanations, it still made an impression on me just how many reports of UFOs in New Jersey come from Ocean County.

And recently, too!

Like this report of a "brilliant bright light over Brick" just last month.

Or how about this even more unusual report out of Seaside Heights in August, where, "three people witnessed a bright red light over sea staying as still as a star, moving slowly, stopping, and vanishing."

Want more?

There was the "fireball changing color..." in Bay Head, the "two bright circles...hovering in the sky" in Little Egg Harbor, and the "three red orbs" in Beach Haven.

All of those since just the middle of this past July!

Nearly half of the past 25 reports in New Jersey are from Ocean County.

Are people just seeing the heavy air traffic over the middle of the Garden State?

Maybe enjoying a few too many summer evening cocktails?

Or maybe something more interplanetary?

I'll leave it to you to draw your own conclusions, I'm just here to pass along the numbers. But you can't argue with the fact that the numbers seem oddly focused on our corner of the state!



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