As the calendar moves ever closer to Halloween, kids throughout Ocean County are certainly thinking about what candy they hope to find in their sugar pile at the end of the night (and let's be honest, so are parents!).

One website struck out on a mission to rank Halloween candy from worst to first.

Here are the candies that nominated as the 3 worst:

Life Savers - I like Life Savers. I don't think that they should be the bottom of the pumpkin on this list. Although, would I like a single individually wrapped Life Saver as a Halloween treat? Nah.

Dubble Bubble Gum - Honestly, I had to Google to see if Dubble Bubble was even still a thing. Apparently it is. So, yeah, I can agree with this one.

Licorice - Ok, I think we need to be a little more specific on this one. They use red licorice as the photo on their list. What's wrong with Twizzlers? Now, if we're talking about black licorice, we might have one that beats even single Life Savers as the worst!

Then we have the 3 best, from #3 to #1:

Twix - Yup, totally agree! I love the little mini-Twix bars, good call!

Snickers - Heck yeah, again! Although, has anyone else noticed that "Fun Size" has seemed to get less "fun" over the last few years? Our "fun" is shrinking, it would seem!

Sour Patch Kids - Aaaaaand, you lost me. In what world are Sour Patch Kids the best of the best when it comes to trick or treating? Sorry, this list just lost all credibility for me!

What do you think? Which Halloween candies would you rank the top 3 and bottom 3? Head over to our Facebook page and join the debate!


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