"Warning! Look out for Marijuana laced candy this Halloween!" read some of the headlines.

With recreational weed now legal in 9 states, Washington, DC, and possibly even here in the Garden State in the near future, the alarms sound every year that pot edibles could sneak into your kids' Halloween haul.

But here's the thing - it's never happened.

Just like the 1980's scares of widespread panic about needles in candy and razor blades in apples, the marijuana candy slipped into unsuspecting toddler's Halloween haul fear has been popping up this season for a number of years now.

In the 4 years since recreational marijuana has been legal in Colorado, can you guess how many cases there have been of psychoactive sweets being snuck into plastic jack-o-lanterns?


And yes, as a responsible journalist I researched before I wrote this story. Try as I might, I couldn't find a single confirmed case of spiked Halloween hand-outs.

In fact, police in both Denver and Seattle (where pot has been legal the longest, since 2012) have straight up said that there have never been any cases of cannabis candy being surreptitiously given out to trick or treaters in their jurisdictions.

If we're being honest, do you know any stoners who are simply giving away their edibles to strangers?


Is it good to check your kids' candy to make sure that everything is in sealed packaging? Of course.

Do you have to panic that some pot peddler is trying to get kids baked on the sly? Well, it hasn't happened yet, so I'm going to go ahead and say that it isn't an imminent threat to society.


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