An Egg Harbor Township woman is facing more than just driving related charges after police found Christie Adkins allegedly under the influence with her car inside a house Tuesday morning.

Adkins allegedly hit the car in front of her, lost control of the wheel, veered off road and drove into a house on the corner of Zion road and Renee drive around 8 am.

No injuries were reported, but the house suffered serious damage.

New Jersey of course has the highest property taxes in the nation.

Now, we are also getting a property taxpayer bill of rights that will soon be posted online.

A new report from the tax foundation finds new jersey is relying heavily on tolls, gas taxes and license fees to pay for the state's transportation infrastructure.

"Overall, all of the total fees and taxes equate to 67.2-percent of road funding in the state," said Morgan Scarboro, policy analyst with the Tax Foundation.

That makes us fifth in the nation for the amount of money spent by motorists.

Our ranking is likely to go up in future reports now that the gas tax has been increased.

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