I live in Bayville and I love it in Berkeley Township.

We have a lot for outdoor fun with the family. Beaches, parks, spray parks, hiking and so much more.

Niche.com just put out their list of the "Best places to live" and Berkeley Township made the tops list. Berkeley Township, Ocean County got an A on this list.

Thanks to patch.com, Niche is a website best known for rankings of neighborhoods, schools, and community around America. The new rankings, just released for 2024 with Best Places to Live, Berkeley Township made the top of the list for "Best Places for Outdoor Activities in Ocean County".

Berkeley Township has Veterans Park with lots of sports fields and that's where our summer concerts are held. It has a skate park, tennis courts, a giant playground, and more.

We have several bay beaches, Amherst, Allen Road Beach, Butler, and we can't forget about Cedar Creek at Dudley Park.

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Berkeley Island and Mill Creek County Park are both great places for kids. Mill Creek offers playgrounds and trails. Mom and Dad loved taking my daughter Abby to Mill Creek Park.

Berkeley Island has an adorable spray pad for kids and a great walking path right along the bay.

Double Trouble State Park and Island Beach State Park are both in Berkeley Township. Yes, we have Island Beach State Park. The cranberry bog history and amazing hiking trails are at Double Trouble State Park.

There are so many wonderful things about Berkeley Township. I'm so happy we got this award, sometimes we are forgotten. To Niche, from this Berkeley Township resident, we already knew about all this fun stuff. But, we do like to keep it a hidden secret from the rest of New Jersey and beyond.

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