A community is in mourning today following the death of 11-year old Abbiegail Smith whose remains were found on Thursday near the Hancock Arms Apartments her family lived in.

Monmouth County Prosecutor Chris Gramiccioni is ruling it a homicide as investigators try and piece together the timeline of where she may have been after leaving the apartment Wednesday night.

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Some victims of sandy in New Jersey and elsewhere have seen their disaster money "clawed back" by FEMA, years after receiving relief because of some perceived misstep on the part of the applicant.
Shore Congressman Tom MacArthur has a bill to establish a statute of limitations for FEMA to do this.

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Congressman tom macarthur

He says it's unfair to storm victims for FEMA to turn the whole reimbursement process on its ear at any time in the future and take back sorely-needed disaster money.

A growing number of Jersey towns will experience high-tide flooding within the next few decades and the problem will get dramatically worse by the start of the next century, according to a just-released report.

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