With the snow predictions seemingly going up by the hour here in Ocean County, and a Blizzard Warning now issued for Ocean County as well, we can say this much with certainty - safety should be your first concern.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind as the first winter storm of 2018 prepares to bare down on the Jersey Shore:


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    Be Prepared

    Even sitting here in the WOBM studio, I can make a prediction - the bread and milk shelves at local supermarkets are probably being picked bare right this very moment.

    While we really don't need to stock up like the zombie apocalypse is coming, it is important to be prepared.

    Ready.gov suggests having three days of necessities on hand just in case.

    In addition to food, you'll also want to be sure that you have batteries; both the traditional kind and extra chargers for your cell phones in case power goes out.

    It's also good to have an emergency radio on hand, one that doesn't rely on an outlet or batteries. Because do you know who will have the most up to date, local, and timely information that matters to you? Not the New York or Philly TV stations. No, your local radio station like 92.7 WOBM is going to be the place to go for what's going on where you live, not in the nearest big city.

    Speaking of which, now is also a great time to download the WOBM app!

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    Know Your Limits When Shoveling

    It may be tempting to grab your shovel and just get the snow out of the way all at once while you're motivated, but did you know that thousands of Americans end up in emergency rooms every year from shoveling related injuries, mostly heart attacks?

    Don't be a hero. Know your limits, know your health, and don't push it.

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    Keep Your Car Prepared

  • 4

    Dress The Part

    With temperatures expected to not do any better than the teens on Friday and Saturday, the wicked wind on top of it could bring the wind chills well below zero for Ocean County.

    It can take as little as half an hour for frostbite to take hold when temperatures get this cold.

    When we're talking about this cold, it's not about fashion anymore, it's about safety!

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    Don't Go Out If You Don't Need To

    Chances are that we'll be seeing closings and cancellations starting to roll in over the next few hours (of course, Ocean County Stormwatch will have the very latest). If you end up with a snow day from school and work, stay home.

    As we discussed above, we're looking to get a good bunch of snow and temperatures are going to be dangerously low. So if you don't have do go anywhere, well, don't go anywhere.

    Not only will it keep you and your family safe, but it'll make things easier for essential personnel like emergency responders, road crews, and yes, even radio DJs.

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