That picture above is the perfect illustration of most of Ocean County today - empty parking lots and quiet roads. But for some people, it's just another day at the office.

Two of the greatest words that a kid can hear are "snow day". The adult equivalent is "state of emergency", when the governor orders all but "essential personnel" to stay off the roads.

But who are these "essential personnel" anyway?

Well, it's the people who keep us safe, informed, and operating. It's the doctors, nurses, EMTs, firefighters and police. But it's also the utility crews, mail carriers, important retail workers (hey, you have to get that bread, milk and gas somewhere, right?) and yes, even radio DJs, newscasters, and traffic reporters.

For "essential personnel", there's no such thing as a snow day. Whether it's an inch or a foot, they have to brave the elements to keep the rest of us safe and informed.

Leave a shout out to your favorite essential folks in the comments!

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