We have a Winter storm approaching the Jersey Shore and there's a chance you could be faced with a "snow day". There is (at the time of writing this blog) a Winter Storm Warning in effect for Ocean County and a Winter Storm Watch for Monmouth County. Of course stay with 92.7 WOBM for all the latest and check in with Stormwatch for the latest closings and cancellations.

So if we do end up with a "snow day" here are 5 things that YOU can do with the day off!

  • Bake: If Mom or Dad are home, why not cook some treats! It's a great Family activity, tastes and smells great and helps keep your home nice and warm on a cold day! I suggest checking the pantry today to see if you have supplies for making some great treats...what would you bake?
  • Crafts: Why not take the day off to create something with the kids. Make it a fun project, maybe even "create" some Valentines Day decor? If the kids are into handing out Valentines, maybe take the day to make this years Valentines....then your all set for V-DAY
  • Pics/Videos: Turn your "snow day" into a memory! Take some funny photos and video from your day off and share with your Family & Friends (Mom & Dad can oversee any social media postings). Take pics & video both inside and outside playing in the snow!
  • Build a Snowman: Take the day to build a really cool snowman! Don't rush just take your time and make a really good snowman! Decorate him/her with cool hats, glasses, scarf etc (have you Parents help pick out the wardrobe) and be sure to get a pic with your new friend!
  • Rearrange Your Room: Maybe it's time for a new look for your bedroom? Take this day to clean and rearrange your room. Give your room a new look and a clean start to 2018!

Of course a "movie marathon" can finish the day off, maybe pick out 2 or 3 movies you want to see and enjoy with the Family.



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