snow day

Snow Day=Couch+Movies+Popcorn
What are some films that you might watch in your home today? Are there any classics that YOU'VE been wanting to see. Or is there a recent film that's next on your list?
5 Things To Do On a Snow Day
We have a Winter storm approaching the Jersey Shore and there's a chance you could be faced with a "snow day". There is (at the time of writing this blog) a Winter Storm Warning in effect for Ocean County and a Winter Storm Watch for Monmouth County. Of ...
What’s The Best Movie For a Snow Day? [PUBLIC OPINION]
With snow on the way we wanna know what your pick is for a favorite "snow day" movie?
Here's some of ours ....

Shawn: Any James Bond 007 Movie! "Shaken Not Stirred"
Sue: Pitch perfect
Nancy: Love Actually or 4 Weddings and a Funeral
Vin: The Godfather or Lord of the Rings
Erin: Beauty…
Snow Day Fun
If you're going to be cooped up inside the house all day during the storm, here are some suggestions to prevent boredom:
1) Build a snowman.  Better yet, build a snow family, including a snowdog or cat if you have pets at home.
2) Make snow angels...
Southern Teachers Get Funky
Have you ever wondered exactly what goes on in school when there's a snow day? While the students may be getting a day off, the faculty and staff aren't necessarily sitting at home and enjoying hot cocoa by a fire. So what do they do exactly? Well, the Southern News Network at Southern Reg…

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