As we head into the long Thanksgiving weekend, I think that this is a perfect time to think about just a few of the reasons to be thankful to live in Ocean County, so I put together a personal top 5 list:

  • 1

    Community Pride

    When it comes to community pride, I've honestly never lived in an area as close knit as Ocean County.

    It could have a lot to do with the fact that we're surrounded by areas with a lot of commuters and new residents.

    There are many families in Ocean County who have been here for generations, and that community pride shows in many places; from our police departments to our fire departments, our schools and more, Ocean County community pride is on full display every day!

    The Island Heights Volunteer Fire Company (Townsquare Media)
    The Island Heights Volunteer Fire Company (Townsquare Media)
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    Our Beaches

    Sure, things can get busy in the summer, but it's hard to disagree with the fact that our beaches are the premiere beaches in the state.

    While the Jersey Shore is typically considered to stretch from Sandy Hook to Atlantic City, we're the heart of the Shore.

    With family friendly beaches, destinations for the party crowd, and quiet secluded beaches, you don't have to go outside of our borders to find a beach for anyone.

    Photo by Justin Louis
    Photo by Justin Louis
  • 3

    Amazing Food

    Whether you're looking for delicious boardwalk food, a perfect pizza, some decadent chocolate and candy, or some classier fare, Ocean County is home to any number of outstanding eateries.

    Sure, we've got great chains with locations here in Ocean County, but there are also plenty of locally owned restaurants that are whipping up food that can stand up to the best of any big city!

    Photo by Justin Louis
    Photo by Justin Louis
  • 4

    Our Nature

    I talked about our beaches above, but if you're the outdoorsy type and don't feel like getting sand in your socks, we've also got some outstanding nature destinations right here.

    Need proof? How about Skycam 927's best aerial views in Ocean County:


  • 5

    Our Location

    I grew up mostly in Middlesex County so I definitely appreciate being able to get to New York City, Philadelphia, and both north and south Jersey easily.

    But man is central Jersey crowded.

    Sure, Ocean County can get busy and challenging to get around at times, especially in the middle of a summer holiday weekend, but I feel like we have the best of both worlds here.

    It's not so crowded that people are constantly on top of each other and going to the nearest mall turns into a major excursion, but we're still located centrally enough that the idea of taking a day trip into one of the nearby major metros isn't a big deal.


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