I have say right from the top - it is not easy to narrow this down to only 5, but I could call out great boardwalk eateries all day long and just keep writing and writing. So we're keeping this to 5. In no particular order, here they are!

  • The Sawmill

    Seaside Park

    Everyone knows The Sawmill, which was the only Seaside Park business to survive the devastating fire of 2013.

    Since then, they've expanded from the former walk-up counter on the boardwalk and attached restaurant, to a full counter-service ordering and seating area, in addition to the table service restaurant.

    Of course, Sawmill is best known for their massive slices of pizza, but they also do other things really well, too. Like their spiral cut fries, which are a Friday favorite of mine.

  • Maruca's Tomato Pies

    Seaside Heights

    Ah, the tomato pie. A uniquely Jersey concoction that usually baffles tourists when they see sauce on top of the cheese.

    But you know what they say, don't knock it till you've tried it! And Maruca's is one of the best places to try it!

  • The Chicken Or The Egg

    Beach Haven

    Ok, so it's not on a boardwalk, but it's in a beach town and definitely needs to be included on this list!

    The Chicken or the Egg (or, simply "CHEGG" for those in the know) is one of those places that's so iconic to LBI that you're going to wait a while if you want to enjoy it during the summer.

    But enjoy it, you will! With their massive breakfasts that they serve all day, to their famous wings, it can be worth the wait!

  • Spicy Cantina

    Seaside Heights

    Whenever I have out of town family or friends visit and we go to the boardwalk, Spicy is my first choice.

    Not only is their location prime (if you can get a seat on the 2nd floor deck, all the better!), but their food is good, and their signature secret recipe margaritas are enough to keep me going back!

  • Kohr's Frozen Custard

    Multiple Locations

    Ok, so Kohr's isn't a restaurant per se, but if I'm doing a best-of list of boardwalk food, Kohr's needs to be on it!

    This is another one that I always take visitors to. To me, there's nothing better than walking the boards on a hot summer day, while an orange/vanilla swirl cone is melting all over your hand.

    To make it even better, in addition to their Point Pleasant Beach and Seaside Heights boardwalk locations, you can also get yourself some frozen custard right on Hooper Avenue in Toms River now as well!

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